Frequently Asked Questions

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CADtoWIN plugin can be installed on a computer with AutoCAD/Revit. CADtoWIN plugin is compatible with Autodesk vertical applications which use AutoCAD/Revit as base application. CADtoWIN connects to Microsoft SharePoint sites on premises or SharePoint Online for cloud connectivity.

For any other application there is a helper application that will allow to work with AutoCAD LT, Design Review, TrueView etc.

Once installed, help button is avalable in the application ribbon, inside dialogs and menus. Click on the next links to access general help.

CADtoWIN plugin for AutoCAD Help

CADtoWIN plugin for Revit Help


Yes, CADtoWIN plugin for AutoCAD allows you to insert, open, modify and manage external references saved in a SharePoint document library same way you do when they are stored locally or mapped to a network share. It will be like working as usual from your AutoCAD application. You can also use CADtoWIN to automatically remap your existing external references to a SharePoint document library location to start working on your project entirely from SharePoint.

CADtoWIN may need to clear some previous authentication credentials stored. Follow the next steps
1. Go to the Windows search and type internet options, open the control panel internet options dialog.
2. On the General tab, click the Delete button and select the Cookies and website data, hit the delete button.
3. On the Advanced tab, hit the Reset… button, then the Reset button. Close this dialog.
4. On the Windows search, type %appdata% to open the user’s application data folder.
5. Delete the CADtoWIN folder.
6. Restart the CAD application or the CADtoWIN LT helper. Using the CADtoWIN open dialog, enter the SharePoint url address. It will prompt for credentials allowing site navigation

Basically, there are 2 ways to store external references:

Relative: This is the preferred method, because it makes much easier the transportability of your project. This means that you can copy all of your project content from SharePoint Services to any other place without worrying about losing visibility to your external references files. This is useful if you are planning to work offline, as you can copy all the files or the folder contents that you need to your local disk.

Absolute: This will fix your external reference to one location. It will give you less flexibility than the RELATIVE method, but allows the users from multiple servers to obtain the external reference files.

Yes. CADtoWIN offers a search engine or search interface to SharePoint, so you can look for CAD files in SharePoint within AutoCAD or Revit or using the CADtoWIN LT helper. By organizing your custom metadata fields and filling in the drawing information using CADtoWIN, you can find your CAD files according to their properties.

Yes, CADtoWIN synchronize your AutoCAD drawing title block metadata with its corresponding SharePoint one. This will allow title block attribute search support by SharePoint.

The CADtoWIN software only needs to be installed at the user computer, no need to install or configure any component at the SharePoint server side to start using it. Installation is very easy and it takes less than a minute per user. For large number of users, CADtoWIN can be installed silently and remotely.