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Product and Feature list

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CADtoWIN feature list


· Support for the latest AutoCAD /AutoCAD LT + verticals, Revit + verticals, DWG TrueView and Design Review versions: The latest AutoCAD and Revit plus their vertical releases are always supported, besides if you need a SharePoint dwg view only with redline solution CADtoWIN system is compatible with DWG TrueView and Design Review so you can see DWG /DWF files and their references displayed. 


· Support for the latest SharePoint version: CADtoWIN works with all SharePoint versions from the ones released in 2003 to the most recent, including Microsoft SharePoint Online for cloud environments.


· Easy deployment/configuration: No need to install anything on your SharePoint server to start using it. You do not need to configure any SharePoint document library to have the SharePoint collaborations features enabled from inside of your AutoCAD or Revit application.


· Work with native format: No need to convert your AutoCAD/Revit files, you can open, edit and save them to your SharePoint site in its native format much the same way MS Office application does with SharePoint sites.


· Major and minor versioning: Publish your AutoCAD/Revit files and track your draft versions. You can open, restore and delete your versions within your AutoCAD/Revit and its verticals applications.


· External references support: Load or save your drawing dwg, raster, dwf, dgn and pdf underlay external references from or to your SharePoint site, all within your AutoCAD application, also you can edit your dwg references in the host drawing and they will be automatically updated to your SharePoint document library. With CADtoWIN external reference manager, information on external references “where-used” can be easily obtained.


· Publish, check in and check out drawings from AutoCAD or Revit: Used for version control and online protection of your working files.


· Offline check out within AutoCAD or Revit: Allows you to work without network and faster, by using your local folders. In addition, your drawings external references will be loaded locally too. Once you finish working offline, you can work back online by updating your drawing changes to the SharePoint site.


· Metadata support from your AutoCAD or Revit: Organize your drawings by setting built-in or custom properties, search your drawings by using the SharePoint powerful metadata search engine or CADtoWIN search feature. You can set custom metadata at folder level.


· Multiple title block support: CADtoWIN synchronize your AutoCAD drawing title block metadata with its corresponding SharePoint one. This will allow title block attribute search support by SharePoint.


· Edit AutoCAD or Revit drawings from the SharePoint site: Our solution allows you to use the SharePoint pull down menus to launch and edit your AutoCAD/Revit files.


· Basic file operations within AutoCAD/Revit to SharePoint site: Open, save, save as, delete file or folder, folder creation, easy navigation support across multiple sites or servers, AutoCAD external references import/export/remaps tool, file preview, etc.


· Multiple Authentication support: Works with Windows accounts in regular domains or Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) environments. No need to create a new set of credentials to access your SharePoint site from AutoCAD/Revit. Set the permissions at a folder level using your windows domain or local groups/people accounts. Also for SharePoint sites you can use your  Windows Live account.


· Workflow support: Allows you to create a drawing approval path for drawing publication. You can create custom drawing workflow tasks as simple or complex as you need.


· Collaboration features: Email notifications, alerts, subscriptions, reports, team discussions, calendars, site announcements etc.


· Scalability: It support any amount of users, drawings, folders, document libraries, etc.


· Combine MS Office documents: Have all your CAD and MS Office related files on our CADtoWIN EDMS, so you can reduce your IT maintenance operation (e.g. backups, single server hardware/software, etc) . By keeping a mixture of CAD and MS Office files together you can consolidate your project files for a better logic organization. Since we mimic the same MS Office functionality to SharePoint in our CADtoWIN product, you can exchange this expertise for regular MS Office documents and CAD files saving in training costs.


· Fast and easy to install: CADtoWIN is a very efficient AutoCAD/Revit plug-in. No need to install anything on your SharePoint server to start using it. Installs in less than a minute and does not interference with your AutoCAD/Revit application performance.


· Multiple drawings support: When working with multiple drawings on the same AutoCAD/Revit application, CADtoWIN intelligent menu and toolbar operations will change according to the allowed operations.


· Extranet/Internet SSL support: Need to work with SharePoint sites across the world?, CADtoWIN will connect your CAD application to remote SharePoint servers using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for https sites.



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